To fully explain the reasons behind the hotel quarantine debacle and the rising infection numbers in Aged Care, one needs to go back to last century and the labour reforms of "Jackboot' Johnnie Howard, the father of the "flexible workforce". These so called reforms enacted by the Coalition Government at the behest of big business and the Murdochracy lead to a massive increase in casualisation and de-unionization of the workforce. These actions along with the deregulation and privatisation of many government services has been a slow burning catastrophe culminating in the crisis we see ourselves in today.

In the mid 1980s, casual workers made up approximately 15% of the workforce, now that figure is more like 25% and even higher in suburbs with a high proportion of poorer and overseas born residents.

These are the people who, when faced with the choice of paying the rent/ putting food on the table, or going to work sick, have chosen the latter with devastating covid 19  transmission consequences.

It's Hobsons choice!

These disadvantaged people are more likely to vote labour hence the political decision the Government took back in April when it announced Jobkeeper BUT chose to exclude most casual employees.

Recently, in light of the hardship and community virus transmission the Government has finally moved to offer to pay $1500 per fortnight pandemic leave.

Too late Scotty from Marketing!

It is unacceptable that aged care workers have to hold down two or three casual positions at numerous "for profit" Aged Care homes just to make a living, while the millionaire private owners of the facilities swan around in their expensive sports cars, keeping their staffing levels are so low, residents  care is compromised, all in the name of making a dollar -stuff the residents!

 The problems in Aged Care have been well documented over the years and if the royal commission into the sector didn't ring alarm bells then the failings at Newmarch House should have. It has now been revealed in the Royal Commission the Aged Care sector had no plan for dealing with this pandemic.

Aged Care is a Federal Government responsibility, so where is the outcry from the likes of the Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and Sky News about Greg Hunt and Richard Colbeck's tragic failure here??

Getting back to the Hotel Quarantine situation, it is well known that the security industry is a bit on the shady side.

Contractors sub-contracting to sub- contractors and so on till the lines are so blurred no-one knows whats going on. Most of the staff recruited for the hotel quarantine were untrained, unaccountable and CASUAL.

Dan Andrews did not directly employ these security firms and he was entitled to expect that these firms were capable of performing a basic security task, indeed most of these security firms were on the Federal Governments "preferred supplier" list. 

I am sure if  Michael O'Brien (state opposition leader for the many of you who have never heard of him), was premier of this state, the relevant department heads would have provided him with the same advice on who to hire for the Hotel Security.

Victorians and indeed all Australian's deserve to know what went wrong with the hotel quarantine debacle but the constant attacks by Michael O'Brien, Josh Frydenberg, Tim Smith and their oxygen thieving mates over at the Murdoch press are unhelpful and hypocritical.

If only Murdoch's "News Corpse" would apply the same scrutiny to the LNP over the Ruby Princess debacle, Sports Rorts, the unsolicited half a billion dollars grant to the unknown Barrier Reef Foundation, Angus Taylor's Grassgate and Watergate scandals and Stuart "Robodebt" Robert's misdemeanours to name but a few.

There is now a concerted effort by News Corp and certain LNP members to undermine the National Cabinet's solid initial response to the Covid-19 outbreak. This behaviour by an influential media outlet is outrageous and will only lead us down the path of the USA- Divided,deadly and in decay.

Sadly we have about as much chance of News Corp delivering balanced reporting and scrutinising the Coalition as winning Tattslotto!

As a PS read this article in the New Daily.