There appears to be a lot of angst in the community about the new Greater Shepparton Secondary College. While Ernesto doesn't  profess to be either in one camp or the other he would like to add the following commentary.

  • I sympathise with the secondary school community and the disruption they are encountering but this is nothing to what we are going through with the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • I do have real concerns as to the fate of all the demolition material . Has it all gone to landfill??
  • I feel for major donor Jeff Tracy and the hundreds of people who fundraised and donated money in the early 1980s to build the Total Tracy Gym which has been unceremoniously demolished.
  • What about Old Students Tennis and Cricket Clubs who have had to find new homes.

One thing I do find interesting is how the member for Northern Victoria seems to have jumped on the anti super school bandwagon.

Wendy Lovell was elected back in 2002. No, I am not surprised to hear you say who? We have not heard much from Wendy over the journey until now.

Back in early May (if my memory serves me correctly) she issued a press release accusing the State Government of not funding the Super School only to have egg on her face when the funding was announced a couple of weeks later. See below link.

Like a dog with a bone she continued, the latest effort being a letter to the Editor having a shot at respected "News" columnist John Gray who took her to task in his column on 2nd July about her attendance at a  Stop Greater Shepparton Secondary College meeting.

Wendy, I suggest you go for a walk and check out the site of former Shepparton High School.

It has almost been demolished and the funding is in place. 


Instead of finding faults in the Super School, wouldn't it be better to use your energy to work with the relevant authorities to help get better outcomes for the School Community and Greater Shepparton as a whole?

While we are talking about construction sites in Greater Shepparton.

I wonder if those that went to the information sessions for the new Connect GV building in Bowenhall St actually knew how high this building was going to be. I know the plan was for two stories but this is massive and the building takes almost the whole block whereas the mock up drawings suggested a much smaller footprint on the land.

Like the 2 story dentists building in Nixon Street, it looks way out of place in what is a residential area.  

The release of the 45 year old so called "palace letters" about the sacking of the Whitlam government were not quite the smoking gun the Republican movement had hoped.

Having said that, they do show the folly of having an unelected person from an unelected privileged family living in a foreign country, half a world away, as our head of state!

I look forward to the day when our head of state is an Australian, our indigenous people are acknowledged in the constitution and we become a republic.

That day would then be the obvious date for Australia Day. 

I wonder what will come first, a Republic or the Shepparton By Pass?