Ernesto's Manifesto

Scamming Scumbags

By Belligerent Bruce

Many of my readers who subscribe to the conservative side of politics will no doubt be champing at the bit to read what Ernesto has to say about the allegations raised in last sundays 60 minutes report. I will try not to disappoint you.

The allegations and secret recordings in that program confirmed the ALP branch stacking allegations canvassed in numerous newspaper and radio articles over the last couple of years.

It is absolutely laughable that Dan Andrews stood in parliament the other day saying it was the first he had heard of it. This coming from a Premier who has done such a good job in response to the Covid 19 crisis just beggars belief.

Adem Somyurek was a wrecker (get it?) and I can't believe Dan let him back into the cabinet 2 years ago-he must have wielded huge factional power.

Branch stacking occurs in all political parties, nothing new here- remember the Mormons and Catholics trying to infiltrate the Liberal party or the Neo Nazis trying to infiltrate the National Party recently?  No?  how quickly we forget.

Dont assume it is solely an ALP problem.

 Corruption in the political process is a serious issue and federal politicians are reluctant to do anything about it.

NSW finally got an an Anti Corruption Commission (ICAC) after major scandals up there a few years ago.

 "Big Ted" got IBAC happening in Victoria early in his brief premiership but we are still waiting for the Federal Government to get an independent Anti Corruption Commission up and running. Apparently a bill  to establish one has been passed by the Senate but the Coalition won't allow debate on it in the lower house. What have they got to hide?

Do they fear more corruption would be exposed on their side of politics?

Ernesto has been calling for a Federal ICAC for some time but to no avail. (You can read one of them here)

Changing the membership rules for new members to include

  • Payment of memberships only with the applicants credit/debit card.
  • A minimum number of meetings be attended before voting in pre-selection
  • a minimum time period as a member before being eligible to vote.

 would help limit the opportunity to scam the membership process but this doesn't get to the bottom of the real issue which is using taxpayers funds to get re elected. We saw it with "Red Shirts", "Sports Rorts" and now this scandal to name but a few.

We may have a weak state based IBAC to investigate this sort of thing but what about federally?

It is long overdue and I challenge a couple of the more moderate and sensible LNP members to cross the floor and vote with the ALP to establish one.

What about you Damien Drum?