Ernesto's Manifesto

Time For Reflection

By Belligerent Bruce

After approximately eight weeks of isolating at home during this pandemic, Ernesto figures it's time for a little reflecting on a few myths some of us have been harbouring about people and politics.

For years, conservative commentators and the sheeple that hang on their every word have been peddling the same crap.

  • Australia's teachers are slack and are the reason the country is in a mess.
  • Unions are the reason the country is in a mess
  • The ALP is the reason the country is in a mess because they can't manage money.
  • People on unemployment benefits are bludgers and drug addicts.

So I would like you to reflect on the following points if you said YES to any or all of the above statements.

  1. Those of you who are currently at home trying to supervise school age children while they learn remotely, should surely now hold a great deal of admiration and respect for the work and dedication of our teachers in their quest to educate our children.
  2. If your employer has been fortunate enough to keep you on the books during this downturn by successfully negotiating the paperwork involved in obtaining the "Jobkeeper" allowance on your behalf, I expect you will have a newfound admiration for the Union movement who helped drag the Morrison Government  from a position of ruling out subsidising wages (as in the UK), to their current position of a  safety net of $1500 per fortnight. (Bad luck if you're a casual though).
  3. If you are one of the unfortunate ones, who through no fault of your own, find yourself on the dole queue, possibly for the first time, I would ask you to reflect on how hard it must have been to live on the Jobseeker allowance of $40 a day and be demonised for being out of work. You are lucky the Government has  increased Jobseeker with a "Corona supplement", albeit temporarily.
  4. If your business or employer is still trading/operating pretty much as before this pandemic hit, you are extremely lucky and perhaps you can reflect that your employers survival may well be the result of the economic stimulus handed out to the economy from the federal government. Remember the ALP's economic stimulus package, the stimulus that kept us out of recession during the GFC?

One final reflection. Be thankful that you have just been asked to stay home. Reflect on what it was like for our young soldiers in WW1 and WW2 when told to "go over the top".