Ernesto's Manifesto

Two Leafs Better Than None.

By Belligerent Bruce

Congratulations must go to the Shepparton City Council for their recent purchase of two Nissan Leaf EVs. It would appear that the council has realised what a major contribution to the lowering of our Carbon emissions EVs can have.

But is this just a token gesture?

In January of this year I wrote a blog that was critical of the council for not being proactive enough in trying to facilitate the installation of public EV charging infrastructure in Shepparton. You can read that article here.

Almost twelve months since that article and what progress has been made?.

Well from what I can determine, apart from two chargers ( 25kW and 7kW) inside the workshop and a single low power 7kW charger accessible to the public ONLY during trading hours in the new Darryl Twitt Landrover complex, there has been no other progress.

I know the council is talking about EV chargers being available at the new SAM but that is still a fair way off. Meanwhile we are doing a disservice to the growing number of EV owners by effectively making it difficult for them to visit our beautiful region.

The excellent charging facilities available at Euroa are well documented and are Shepparton's closest fast chargers. 

Two weeks ago while escaping the putrid smoke from the Spring Car Nats, we travelled to Bright along the Ovens Valley Highway.

Being a warm day and having no air-conditioning in the car, we stopped at the Happy Valley Hotel in Ovens for refreshments and there  located  in the Hotels car park-were four Tesla Superchargers. 

                                                 Tesla Superchargers at Ovens.

Those of you who know Ovens will know that apart from the Pub and a few houses there isn't much there.

If a little country pub in a tiny settlement like Ovens can get Elon Musk to install 4 superchargers why can't our City Council get something happening more quickly here in Shepparton.??

The more people that transition to EVs, the cleaner the air, the lower our emissions will be and importantly, there will be a reduction in our dependence on fuel imports. 

Perhaps the biggest plus is when all these electric cars are plugged in to the system it will provide a large reservoir of storage that can be called on to stabilise the grid in the inevitable event of yet another failure of an old unreliable coal fired generator.

Council has started on the right track, it's time for them to take charge of the situation and help our community make this transition to cleaner energy and not listen to the Fossil Fools in the Murdoch media and the COALition.