What a great time to be in Shepparton last weekend! Ross Wilson live at the Shepparton Golf Club on Friday night and the Fryers Street food Festival on Saturday evening.

Friday evening saw almost 200 people attend the ripping live show of Ross Wilson and the Peaceniks  at a venue not really known for its live music, The Shepparton Golf Club.

Attendees were treated to nibbles followed by a delicious main course then sweets while listening to the 72 year old perform much loved songs from both the Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock eras.

Ross showed the audience that despite his age he could still pump out classics like Eagle Rock, Come Said the Boy, Cool World and Come Back again. 

It was a great night and I hope the Golf club was heartened enough by the response to bring more bands to Shepparton so music aficionados can enjoy quality live music in a beautiful setting.

Saturday night was an experience of a different kind but none the less another good reason to be in Shepparton this weekend


The Fryers Street food festival was attended by thousands of people from all walks of life and is a credit to all the organisers, vendors and our council.

I was a little disappointed that many of the food vendors were from out of town but I am splitting hairs aren't I?

Looking forward to next years event with hopefully more input from our wonderful, vibrant LOCAL food scene.

So we have another big weekend coming up, The Spring Car Nats.

Although I support the event and what it brings to the town,I cannot support the acrid pall of smoke the event rains down on the centre of Shepparton.

The "genius" or "geniuses" who thought it was a good idea to move the event from DECA to the Shepparton Showgrounds obviously failed "clear thinking" at school.

Its time for the council to rethink the location!

Meanwhile if you suffer any respiratory problems due to the event, make your concerns known to the (toothless) EPA, your local members and our council, and if you have to leave town to avoid the stench, send the council a bill for your Accommodation.

Disclosure time. The author is a member of the Shepparton Golf Club.