If you regularly drive the Goulburn Valley and Hume Freeways to Melbourne, I am sure there are may things that frustrate you over the journey.

Among some of the frustrations one encounters, you would have to count idiots driving in the right lane below the speed limit holding up traffic that is trying to overtake, trucks travelling at 100 Kmh trying to pass other trucks travelling at 99.5 Kmh UPHILL and roadwork speed limits where NO roadwork is being performed amongst the most infuriating.

But one thing has really got my back up lately. Yes, you guessed it, the "side road activated" 80Kmh speed restrictions at the Warhing roadhouse.

The 80Kmh restriction signs are supposed to activate when vehicles are on the cross road just north of the Service Station, but they don't work and haven't for many months.

I have been observing this situation for ages now and the southbound sign is always blank regardless of whether there is traffic at the intersection or not and the northbound sign is always displaying 80 Kmh regardless of whether or not there is any traffic at the intersection.

I rang Vic Roads about this and the nice lady was unaware what "side road activated" meant. When I explained she said she would report it to their technicians but would not say if the fault had been reported before.

As I said this situation has been going on for months and is totally unsatisfactory.

I wonder if it will be fixed by my next trip to Melbourne?

Come on Vic Roads-either make them work or rip them out!


Late last year I wrote a manifesto about improving safety on our roads. The link to it is below for those of you that are interested.