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The Problem with Coal......

By Belligerent Bruce

I read with interest the Shepparton News editorial titled “Time for Party to Choose” published on the 31 Jan asking if the National Party was working for farmers or coal miners.

The point that cutting our domestic Carbon emissions would have little impact on global warming is well made and often used by Climate deniers to advance their argument.

The editorial raises an issue that many won’t or don’t want to talk about - that is of course, although our total emissions are low on the world stage, our coal exports are massive and must be taken into account and wound back sooner rather than later.

Pollution doesn’t stop at an arbitrary line on a map!

This raises the problem of mass unemployment of coal miners and a massive hit to our balance of payments through loss of export income.

No-one in govt or opposition are talking about or coming up with ideas about how that export income will be replaced.

So moving on to last Fridays News and a letter to the editor from local National Party MP Damien Drum.

I started reading this thinking ah -more climate denying conservative claptrap but the line about Australia’s “high quality coal playing an essential role in lowering air pollution and Carbon emissions’ really cracked me up.

Next the Coalition members will be telling us that using "lite salt" reduces your risk of hypertension, or low tar cigarettes reduce the risk of lung cancer! 

If, as Damien states the National party’s objective with electricity was " cost, reliability and reducing emissions”, then why did they let Jeff Kennett sell the SEC, why did they help the deniers in the coalition scuttle Turnbull's NEG and Julia Gillard’s Carbon price and why do they oppose renewable energy and storage which is now cheaper than building new coal plants?

We have had 10 years of inaction on this issue-its time for the deniers to move on and let someone else have a crack. You are on the wrong side of history.