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What a big week its been in .......

By Belligerent Bruce

As Eddie Everywhere was fond of saying- "What a big week it's been in Football"-

Well what a big couple of weeks its been so far this year.

  • The UK Government in crisis over Brexit making even our rabble in Canberra look good.
  • The massive fish kill in the Darling thanks to over allocated and stolen water (well done Barnaby).

Caption: Barnaby Joyce at Australia Hotel, Shepparton

  • Closer to home we have the rumoured sacking of Greater Shepparton Council Parking Inspectors and their task being reviewed (does that mean put out to tender?) to "provide a better service to the community" according to Peter Harriott. Not sure how tendering out parking services will result in better service to the community but a private operator would surely have quotas (like the police with their breath testing- which will result in more parking fines and a further exodus of shoppers from the CBD. 

So what has all this got to do with Clive Palmer-pictured at top of this article ?

Probably not much so far, but please read on- 

  • Another big story this year is the Australian Open, especially the performance of Ash Barty and Stefanos Tsitsipas which has been fantastic to watch and the spat between the Brat Tomic and Lleyton. Unfortunately the enjoyment of the coverage has been marred by the incessant, badly produced Clive Palmer political ads. 
  • The Heavy Metal band, Twisted Sister have had a bit to say about the blatant ripping off of their only (thankfully) hit song " Were not going to take it" .
  • As if this song wasn't bad enough, Clive has taken it, butchered it, (if thats possible) and used it as the theme for his political comeback ads- and we the public are battered around the ears by it.
  • This kind of blitz advertising during a prime sporting event does not come cheap and, I suspect leaves a bad taste in Aussie taxpayers mouths when they have forked out $70 m to pay the entitlements for the 800 workers sacked from Mr Palmers collapsed Queensland Nickel refinery two years ago and  creditors who were owed approx $300m, especially now he says he is going to re-open the refinery as he says has approximately $2.9B in assets. Are there any parallels to the Donald here?

That sort of behaviour does NOT make Australia great, again or anytime!

And in breaking news-get a load of this!