Shane Jacobson delights the crowd at GV Brain dinner

By Spencer Fowler Steen

Comedy is tragedy plus time, according to Australian comedian and actor Shane Jacobson.

But it’s probably still too early to joke about coronavirus.

Last Wednesday, Mr Jacobson had a 207-strong audience at The Woolshed Emerald Bank in stitches for the GV Brain dinner, which brings various Shepparton businesses together.

As one of Australia's most loved, award-winning entertainers, starring in iconic films such as Kenny, Brother's Nest and Oddball, Mr Jacobson pulled out all the stops.

In a 90-minute, non-stop repertoire of jokes and stories, there were a few standout highlights.

One time when his father was seriously sick in hospital, lying unconscious in intensive care, Mr Jacobson went to visit him with his brother.

Being from a family who loves telling jokes no matter the circumstances, Mr Jacobson said he and his brother couldn’t help themselves.

“At one stage, one of the machines by his bed made a beeping noise,” he said.

“My brother said ‘I think it’s run out of coins'.”

Non-stop laughs: Shane Jacobson pulled out all the stops at a GV Brain dinner last week.

Mr Jacobson told the audience he saw a little plume of condensation appear in the mask his father was wearing around his mouth every time they made another joke at his expense.

Upon recovery, Mr Jacobson said his father remembered little about the hospital stay except that his two sons helped him through it by cracking jokes.

GV Brain chair Fiona Johnson said originally Mr Jacobson was scheduled to perform in Bright alongside Katie Perry, and was going to helicopter in to Shepparton afterwards.

However, because he thought he would be too strapped for time, he chose the GV Brain dinner instead.

“I’m glad he chose us over Katie Perry,” Ms Johnson said.

“He was a real crowd favourite and it was great to see him talking with everyone before performing.

“We had quite a lot of people saying they’d never been to GV Brain, and that it was fantastic.”