Shepparton Christian College dux announced

By Ed McLeish

Shepparton Christian College’s Daniel Hall has taken out top honours among the Year 12 cohort, scoring an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 92.2.

Mr Hall said it was no easy feat becoming his school’s top ATAR achiever.

“I worked pretty hard, I did a lot of practice exams,” he said.

“I think my exam results were definitely higher than my SACs (tests throughout the year that count towards ATAR); my final score definitely picked up at the end of the year.”

On Thursday, Victorians completing their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) received their results.

Mr Hall said the school had been “very supportive” this year.

“The teachers did a lot, I wouldn’t have gotten this far without them,” he said.

“My parents put in a lot of support for me — my dad did physics when he was at school so he helped me a lot at home, and Mum was also really helpful.

Mr Hall plans on attending RMIT next year to study space science, which is a new course.

“I’m pretty pumped,” he said.

The course aligns with Mr Hall’s interests: this year he studied Physics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, English and Accounting; last year he fast-tracked Chemistry.

When it came to tips for the class of 2020, Mr Hall said students should aim to be consistent in their study habits throughout the whole year and make good use of the teachers available to them.

Shepparton Christian College principal Chris Aiton said it had been a good year for the school.

“They’ve worked hard and we’ve got a good range of outcomes for our students,” he said.

“We’re proud of Daniel as school dux, he’s worked very hard this year.”