Murchison PS reads a perfect 100

By James Bennett

Murchison Primary School has read its way to a perfect strike rate.

It deservedly boasted all 97 students successfully completed the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge at Friday's afternoon assembly.

The challenge started in April and finished in September.

Based on age, each student was required to read a minimum number of books.

No problem for some kids who smashed their target, bringing to total number books read by the student well pass 3000.

Four students hit the 100 book mark - Year 1 Samuel Boyle (140), Year 2 Pheobe Wheeler (130), her older Year 4 sister Kailee (120) and Year 5 Franklin McNally.

Murchison Primary School principal Karen Goodwin with the four students who read 100 books in the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge Franklin McNally, Kailee Wheeler, Samuel Boyle and Pheobe Wheeler.

Principal Karen Goodwin said she was proud of her students.

“They did it with great support of their families, the staff and their own love of reading,” Mrs Goodwin said.

“Reading to and with your child is the best input you can have for your child's education.

“We're aiming for 100 per cent again next year.

“It was quite high last year, but the fact we got 100 per cent and the volume is amazing.”

Mrs Goodwin said most of the students challenged themselves and read harder text books.

She thanked teacher Lee-Anne Wheeler for coordinating the program.