Lemnos Primary School receives a little help from Notre Dame College

By Madeleine Byron

Students at Lemnos Primary School are living the fairytale life after the school received a long-awaited library upgrade.

Notre Dame College's Work Related Skills class contacted the school proposing it take part in the VCAL Library Project.

Notre Dame College teacher Sharon Woodberry said the students were encouraged to work in teams, create an innovative space for the Lemnos students and demonstrate communication skills.

“The students painted feature walls, put flat-pack furniture together and sourced more than 300 books to complete a living-room impact for the school community,” Mrs Woodberry said.

“To stand back and watch your students shine and show employable skills in the community is always incredible but especially when they have tears in their eyes and realise how important and poignant their impact has been.”  

Lemnos Primary School's acting principal Nathan Neff said the school never dreamed the space could be transformed in such a way.

“We went away for the day yesterday to allow the guys the room to get it sorted and in the afternoon when we came back the kids and I were just blown away,” Mr Neff said.  

He said it had been several years since the school had received new resources.

“Looking around and seeing the brightness, the colour, the shininess, this should get us through most of the next decade,” Mr Neff said.  

“It will encourage us the grow as a school.”