Lockington District Planning Group up for community group award

By Alex Gretgrix

ROME wasn't built in a day... but then again neither was Lockington.

What's more, Rome isn't in the running to win the GOTAFE Community Group Award at the Regional and Community Awards.

That's because the Lockington District Planning Group figures its town has more of a shot at this prestigious local honour.

The group has been facilitating a number of local groups together on and off for years, but since 2013, has become a more bigger staple in the town.

“There are 28 businesses and 26 sporting groups/community organisations on the mailing list for the planning group,” group chair Wendy Sims said.

“Each meeting has an average attendance of 21 people and as this is a small community, many will be wearing several ‘hats’ so each time more than the physical number of members present are being represented.”

Over the years, the team has been taken on a few big projects.

“If there is a project floating around Lockington that hasn't been picked up by anyone, we will take it on,” she said.

“We organised to repaint all the shopfronts in town and work on the channel front beautification project to name a few.”

The team meets once every two months and is a place where organisations can come together to discuss their ideas.

And if the group were to take home $2000 in prize money, there are more projects they are hoping will go ahead.

“We're currently looking into expanding the current township walking train so it will connect to Kotta,” she said.

“We will be able to do a general clean up of the walking track, establish new paths through the plantation area and the upgrading of the wooden section over the channel and rock on the track along the channel bank.”

The group's main priority is being there for the community.

“Lockington has always been a town that works together and at the Planning Group, we want to make sure that continues,” Ms Sims said.