Card back safe with humanity loaded on it

By Alex Gretgrix

AN ECHUCA man has had his faith in humanity restored after his lost credit card was returned safe and sound recently.

After having lunch in High St and venturing around the Port area with his father, Ken didn't even realise he'd lost the card until he got a call from the bank.

“I got a phone call from ANZ telling me my card had been handed in to them and I panicked for a minute, I didn't even know I'd lost it,” he said.

“I checked my bank account and nothing had been stolen or withdrawn, it was such a relief."

Ken was thankful for the kindness shown by the mystery hero.

“If they're reading this, I just really wanted to thank them for being such a great person and a decent one at that,” he said.

“They could have easily taken my money and done whatever they liked with it, but they didn't.”