By Jamie Lowe

Boddie Arthur’s heroic efforts saw a fitting end yesterday morning.

As promised, Arthur finished the final 2km of his The May 50K journey in a costume, running from the Deniliquin RSL to Deniliquin’s CBD in Cressy St.

He fittingly was dressed up as Captain America for his last run, showcasing his superhero effort for the past month, where he has raised money for multiple sclerosis research.

Arthur said despite it being one of his shortest runs of the month, where he covered a total distance of 100km, it proved one of the toughest.

‘‘It was very tough with all the padding and the long sleeves; it was quite hot in the costume but I wasn’t going to slow down.,’’ he said.

‘‘I stopped in at the office (Vinnies Support Services) and all my workmates got a kick out of it.

‘‘About half way through the month I decided I was going to run the last 2km with a costume, there was no reason for this but I thought it would be good to do something different.

‘‘After I stated this I decided that whoever the person was that was going to get me to my new donation goal of $900 they could pick the costume for me.

‘‘As of Tuesday (May 26) I hadn’t hit my goal but I was only 2km away from the 100km, so I decided I was putting everyone’s name into a hat to pick a winner for the costume which they would have two choices.

‘‘The winner turned out to be Nat Scott, who was also the person that got me over my original goal of $600 which led me to start thinking about the 100km.

‘‘I felt a superhero was fitting as we’re trying to help people in need so the two options were Captain America or Batman.’’

During the month of May, Arthur doubled his distance goal and increased his fundraising goal by one third.

The original goal was to raise $600 while clocking up 50km running throughout May.

When donations starting rolling in before the start of May he increased his goals to try and raise as much for the cause as he could.

‘‘Originally the run was just going to be 50km but then my wife Emma said I would run double if I hit my donation goal; back then it was $600, that is when I really started considering the 100km,’’ Arthur said.

‘‘When I originally started running it was only going to be 4km runs but I have found myself doing 8-9km runs, which has also been good for my fitness seeing we haven’t got any footy yet.

‘‘During this month I have found it to be challenging at times due to the weather and sometimes eating more food than I should have before a run.

‘‘I remember one night it was freezing and then about half way through my run the gods just decided to drop a bucket load of rain on me; that was a really good challenge because by that stage I had no choice but to keep on running even though I was soaking wet.

‘‘Every run  I kept on reminding myself there was a goal to achieve. The donations just kept on flowing and so did the kilometres in the legs.’’

With three days left in May you can still help Arthur reach his fundraising goal of $900. He had raised $838.85 when the tfBannersc Pastoral Timestf$f went to print yesterday.

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