Peppin continue win streak

By Jamie Lowe

Deniliquin Lawn Tennis Club’s Wednesday Twilight competition saw players eager to get on the grass courts to enjoy the warm weather.

The standard of tennis in the first sets across all courts was excellent to see with an array of tough rallies, well struck serves and elegant drop shots.

Peppin Planners were looking to continue their winning streak into the finals next week but got off to a shaky start against Mitre 10 who proved they had come to play.

Mitre 10 showed resilience and good stroke play in the men’s sets against Peppin, splitting the doubles with an even four sets each.

Peppin’s ladies, on the other hand, were able to come away with the majority of their matches to give the team a two set advantage heading into the spin and mixed sets.

In the spin round, Peppin needed just four out of the nine sets to come away with a win. Despite the best efforts of Mitre 10, they were able to secure the four they needed.

Peppin sealed their victory by the hair on a tennis ball, taking 12 sets to 11.

Peppin finished the night with two three set winners — Hugh Landale and Mary James — while Mitre 10 were unable to secure any despite some close third set finishes.

Agspares and Legal Eagles had another close finish this week as they got stuck in with a hard fought battle all night which saw Legal Eagles only win by three sets.

Agspares’ men started off with a commanding display of tennis only for Legal to strike back just as hard as the two teams finished four sets a piece going into the spin and mixed.

Jon Gatacre was played through fatigue from sleepless night in Canberra earlier in the week and some alleged ‘‘back pain’’ to take Dan Hughes down in back to back tie-breakers. 

Thanks to some strong play from the Legal ladies, the team carried a two set lead moving into the final spin and mixed sets. Naomi Ritchie and Bella Landale won sets for Legal, while Anna Bowie claimed the third for Agspares.

A prominent display of tennis from Agspares saw them swoop in to take the critical mixed and spin, seven sets to two, pushing them ahead to finish 13 to 10.

Leading the way for Agspares were Jon Gatacre, Tim Bradford and Anna Bowie as three set winners. Legal were unable to secure any three set wins.

Tomorrow night will see the final round before finals.