Fives still alive

By Jamie Lowe

RSL Bowling Club had all of their sides at home against Rich River on Saturday with Division Five the only winner for the local club.

Division Five scored a 13 shot win overall, winning on both rinks in the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division round seven clash.

James Rhook’s side of Mark Law, Paul Connor and Sandra Hill were one shot behind after 17 ends but powered home to pick up 17 shots to four in the remaining eight ends to win by 12 shots.

Final score, RSL 29 to Rich River 17.

John Wilson’s side of Tony King, Tim Freeman and Ian McKenzie were level after 17 ends, with both sides sharing shots to be level again heading into the final end.

It was the last shot of the day that decided the rink, with Wilson drawing shot to get his side home by one.

Final score, RSL 24 to Rich River 23.

Division Three skipper Graham Gordon delivers a beautiful bowl.

The win sees Division Five jumping back up to fifth spot, keeping their hopes for finals alive.

RSL were simply no match for Rich River in Division One, suffering an 88 to 54 defeat.

Ken Wellard’s side of Tony Tonta, Bruce Clancy and Allan Hodges were level at the break, but faded away to lose by 15 shots.

Final score, Rich River 35 to RSL 20.

Conway Bovell (s), Joanne Bovell, Craig Taylor and Neville Austin also faded away after the break in a 10 shot loss.

Final score, Rich River 26 to RSL 16.

Daryl Weymouth’s side of Larry Seely, Jenny Tonta and Archie Webster were beaten by nine shots.

Final score, Rich River 27 to RSL 18.

Cheryl Bradley played well as a second in Division Three.

Despite winning two rinks, RSL’s Division Three suffered a six shot overall loss, 72 to 66.

Rod Reid’s side of Jim Jennings, Cheryl Bradley and Frank Daniels had a five shot win.

Final score, RSL 30 to Rich River 25.

Ron Marchetti (s), Brian Clancy, Chris Frampton and Miro Peterman were also victors, finishing seven shots up after 25 ends.

Final score, RSL 27 to Rich River 20.

Unfortunately Graham Gordon (s), Tim Dover, Wayne Bradley and Don McCalman had a tough day on the greens, suffering an 18 shot loss.

Final score, Rich River 27 to RSL 9.