Love of nature shown in photos

By Jamie Lowe

Kerri Munnerley’s passion for nature photography has been given a boost after one of her photos of the Brick Kiln Creek was named the winner of an online competition.

Ms Munnerley entered the photo, taken in March, into the My Photography competition last month.

‘‘There was no prize money or trophy, but what I got was far more important than that,’’ Ms Munnerley said.

‘‘The prize is worldwide exposure among a group of avid and some professional photographers.

‘‘It felt awesome to win, I was so surprised.

‘‘I submitted the photo without thinking it would get anywhere. When I saw it pop up as the winner I couldn’t believe it.

‘‘I was so proud to not only win but to also be able to promote the beauty that is Deniliquin’s nature.

‘‘We’ve had so many issues impact our area over the years, but we still have a lot of beautiful places and amazing wildlife around here.

‘‘When I take photos, what I like to do is find a creek or some beautiful piece of nature and just focus on that part of our community.’’

Kerri’s award winning photograph of the Brick Kiln Creek.
Kerri’s award winning photograph of the Brick Kiln Creek.

Ms Munnerley’s Brick Kiln Creek photo was one of a series, dating back to early 2018.

She said the creek is among her favourite subjects, and inspired her to take up nature photography in the first place.

‘‘I bought my Nikon camera on May 11, 2017,’’ she said.

‘‘I’ve always liked photography and I grew up always thinking about it.

‘‘I had an iPhone but it wasn’t doing it for me, so I finally decided to get myself a proper camera.

‘‘When I got the camera I started with taking photos of sunsets, sunrises and found myself with nature photography.

‘‘Since then I have learnt so much about photography. 

‘‘Birds that are just flying off have produced some of my favourites. You know the exact minute you’ve got the perfect shot.’’

Ms Munnerley said her passion for photography has grown so much in the last three years, she now never leaves the house without her camera.

‘‘It is always around my neck,’’ she said.

‘‘You just never know when nature produces something beautiful to photograph, so you always have to be prepared.

‘‘Three weeks ago I was putting the bin out at work and I saw a brown goshawk in flight that I just had to capture.’’

A photo Kerri snapped of some of the local birdlife.

Ms Munnerley said she also enjoys the emotive responses she gets to her photos.

‘‘Somebody said that after looking at my work my photos had put a smile on their face and made their day,’’ she said.

‘‘To get an emotional response from one of my photos just makes you feel so good.

‘‘That’s what it’s all about, to be able to share the beauty our town has to offer and give someone that level of emotion. It just makes all the hard work and money it costs for this hobby all worth it.

‘‘I’m hoping that I can start my own photography business, maybe in a few years.

‘‘I’ve got a fire in my belly and I have a need to photograph.’’