Deni Target review ruled out

By Olivia Duffey

The decision to close Deniliquin’s Target is ‘‘final and won’t be reviewed’’.

That is the response local real estate agent Lester Wheatley, who with his wife Carolyn owns the building leased by Target, received from Wesfarmers.

Mr Wheatley has committed to actively search for a replacement tennant for the shop in Cressy St.

The search has already begun, but has since been paused while CBD upgrades take place.

‘‘As owners, because the close date is some time off and because of the disruption in regard to works as part of the reconstruction of Cressy St and Waring Gardens, we will leave it until the street works are finished,’’ Mr Wheatley said.

‘‘I think we will get someone though, as it is a large shop in a prime location, and the CBD will look fantastic. But we want to find the right tenant.

‘‘It is ideal for a new business to open or a fantastic opportunity for an existing business to expand. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.’’

Mr Wheatley said while disappointed with Wesfarmers’ decision, Mr Wheatley says a lack of community support for the franchise led to the decision.

‘‘It proves local people must support local businesses. If not, this won’t be the last,’’ he said.

‘‘Nobody closes a good business.

‘‘So when you are shopping out of town or online, before you go to buy something, see if you can source it locally first.’’