30 years of learning

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Gulpa Preschool continues to offer high quality preschool for young children in Deniliquin.

It has been operating since 1983, providing more than 30 years of enjoyment and learning for the children of Deniliquin and surrounding districts.

Gulpa Preschool originally operated as a Montessori style centre with a Montessori trained teacher, offering education from preschool to Year 6.

Nominated supervisor Angela Bould said despite the many changes over the years, some elements of the original philosophy and the educational environment of the preschool still exist at the Wellington St centre.

‘‘As stated in our philosophy, we value a team approach to all aspects of our program and view children as successful, competent and capable learners,’’ she said.

‘‘Over the course of a preschool year the children are given ownership of their individual learning journey. This involves becoming independent and taking responsibility for their daily interactions in the program.

‘‘Our educators plan quality play and learning opportunities based around intentional teaching plans and following children’s interests.

‘‘At Gulpa Preschool we believe our environment is conducive to successful outcomes for children on their way to school. As stated in our philosophy, ‘we believe the learning environment should resemble, as closely as possible, the natural world, bringing children close to nature, developing an understanding of sustainability and identifying the responsibilities that accompanies this interaction’.”

When this group of children was asked to share what they believe is most important at Gulpa, they suggested playing with their friends, learning, sharing stories, music, dancing and having fun.

‘‘As educators we feel very privileged to spend our days immersed in these experiences and sharing this special time with every child at Gulpa Pre-School,’’ Angela said.

In 2020, the preschool has three enrolment options — two-day enrolments from 8am to 3.30pm on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, and one-day enrolment on Fridays from 9.15am to 3.15pm. For more information, call 58814859 or email [email protected].