Health committee invite

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Passionate residents with an interest in their community are being invited to nominate to help guide a new community-led approach to health services in Deniliquin.

Nominations for the ‘Working Together for Better Health’ Committee opened yesterday.

Selection committee member and Edward River Council Mayor Norm Brennan said the aim is to have a broad cross section of community members making ‘‘positive change in how health services are delivered and accessed in Deniliquin’’.

‘‘We are encouraging interested and passionate residents and health consumers to nominate for the committee.

‘‘Those selected will have a commitment to ensure that all the community’s views are represented and respected, and will also need a strong commitment to having a solution focused approach to health needs of Deniliquin.

‘‘Committee members will be selected based on being a local, having skills that will assist in ensuring views are represented, demonstrating involvement in the local community and being a consumer of local health services.’’

The purpose of this committee is to support, and guide community led planning of health services in Deniliquin.

Successful applicants will be required to identify key health issues and prioritise activities to address the identified needs.

‘‘The selection committee is looking to offer 10 to 12 applicants the opportunity to be on this committee,’’ Cr Brennan said.

‘‘We can only choose a few core community members, but we will strive to cover the wider community and will give everyone the opportunity to express their concerns, stories and feelings.

‘‘If you are not selected for the main committee, we are expecting to see some sub-committees formed with lots of activities to undertake, so let us know on the application if you want to continue to be involved.’’

Regardless of their involvement in the committee, community members are invited to share their health stories via

Committee application forms can be completed online at

Hard copy forms can also be collected and returned to Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre, Intereach, Deniliquin Hospital, Deniliquin Community Health, Deniliquin Medical Centre, Deniliquin Central Clinic, Deniliquin Clinic, Shiloh Medical Centre, Deniliquin Library, Edward River Council’s customer service centre and Soul Pattinson and Eric Sim pharmacies.

Applications must be received by August 23.