Corowa and Howlong golf

By Corowa Free Press

Corowa Golf

Corowa Vets – Monday, February 17 – Corowa - Thurgoona Challenge.

71 players contested the Corowa/Howlong V Thurgoona Challenge in excellent conditions.

Div 1 Winner was Bill McRae with 35 Pts.

Runner-up with 34 Pts was John Wouters with 34 Pts.

Div 2 winner was Stephen Carroll with 42 Pts.

Runner-up with 40 Pts was Don Stuart.

Ball Rundown: Robert Laidlaw 39 Pts, John McAllister, Tom Larkins and Russell Grace with 37 Pts.

Russell Gardiner with 36 Pts, Geoff Lawrence and Keith Allsopp with 35 Pts.

Andrew Scott, Brian Scolyer, Allen Brown, John Arthur and Elsie Reitenbach with 33 Pts.

Peter Tamagno and Peter Nolan with 32 Pts.

NTP on 18 was Des Royal.

After tallying the top 10 scores from each team, Corowa/Howlong came out ahead in the first round with 352 Pts to Thurgoona 345 Pts.  

Look forward to the return match at Thurgoona on Tuesday, March 24.

A great day had by all.  Well done to the Greens Staff, the course is in excellent condition.

* Change of Venue and Date – The Rutherglen Veterans event scheduled for next month has had to be moved to Corowa and will be played on Monday, March 16. 0800 for a 0830 SGS.

Pro Shop Medley Tuesday, February 18.

Today’s winner with 39 Pts Geoff Boyd.

Runner-up with 38 Pts Louise Holden.

Ball Rundown: Don Spencer 36 Pts, Bob Ronnfeldt 34 Pts and Bill Gall 33 Pts.

Golden Oldies Tuesday, February 18.

Today’s winner Rick Jamieson 13 points.

Runner up Geoff Lawrence 12 points.

NTP -9 Joe Lackner.

NTP +9 Bill Garner.

Ball winner George Iwaniak.

Ladies Competition Wednesday, February 19.

Twenty-three ladies played Stableford today in cool, windy conditions.

A Grade Winner: Louise Holden 35.

A Grade R/Up: Janet Beverley 35.

B Grade Winner: Marg Gillick 35.

B Grade R/up: Gail Law 29.

Ball rundown: Selina Barkley, Kelli Cunningham 34, Jeannette Aylward 33, Marg Tobin 32, Trish Lethbridge, Vera Mason 31.

NTP: Selina Barkley, Ann Nicol.

Well done everyone.

Pro Shop Medley Thursday, February 20.

Today’s winner with 39 Pts Geoff Ellis.

Runner-up with 38 Pts OCB John Fraser.

Third with 38 Pts Derek Agnew.

Fourth with 36 Pts James Gordon.

Fifth with 36 Pts Kieran MacNamara.

Sixth also with 36 Pts Ken Bouchaud.

Ball Rundown: 2 x Balls: Phill Turnbull, Gary Clinch, Brad Glare with 36 Pts, Des Fraser and Troy MacPherson with 35 Pts.

1 x Ball:  Marty Cunningham, John Caminito, Chris Hood with 34 Pts, Peter Reid, Peter Tait, Trent Vonarx, Jonathan Uphill and Brian Chandler with 33 Pts.

NTP 4th Jonathan Uphill.

NTP 27th Peter Tait.

Eagles Nest Kieran MacNamara.

Men’s and Ladies Competitions Saturday, February 22.

Ladies Results

Today’s winner with 35 Pts OCB Sandra Lewis.

Runner-up also with 35 Pts Roslyn Black.

Ball Rundown: Selina Barkley 34 Pts, Jeannette Aylward 33 Pts and Anne Harris 33 Pts.

NTP 18th Jeannette Aylward.

NTP 4th Marg Tobin.

Men’s Results

A Grade Winner with 39 Pts was Sam O’Neil.

B Grade Winner also with 39 Pts Darren Hughes.

C Grade Winner with 38 Pts Paul Miegel.

Ball Rundown: Michael Hooper and Peter Glidden with 38 Pts, Evan Papadopoulos and Tim Patton 37 pts, Neville Tait 36 Pts, Shannon Smith, Des Fraser, Brad Glare, Terry Johnstone, Rod Lavis and Rob Webster 35 Pts, Peter Reid and David Holmes 34 Pts.


A Grade NTP 8th Evan Papadopoulos.

B Grade NTP 18th John Taylor.

C Grade NTP 18th Paul Miegel.

NTP 4th David Robb.

Corowa Cup Sunday, February 23.

Ladies Results

Ladies Scratch Winner with a score of 124 was Jeanette Edwards.

Nett winner with a score of Nett 113 was Heather Briggs.

Ball Rundown: Patricia Papadopoulos, Maureen Jeeves Bernie McLean, Louise Holden and Donna Rohrich.

NTP 4th Bernie McLean.

Men’s Results

Corowa Cup Winner with a Scratch Score of 104 was Travis Merritt (MDGA Voucher).

Nett Winner with a score of 110 Brian Filliponi (MDGA Voucher).

Nett Runner-up with a score of 111 Michael Cleary.

B Grade Winner with 55 Pts Darren Hughes.

C Grade Winner with 53 Pts Marty Cunningham.

Ball Rundown: Nathan Schneider, Cameron Monte, Steve Carrick, Mark Chappell, Dalton Wegener, Evan Papadopoulos, John Taylor, Craig Cottam Keith Wilson, Tim Patton, Phill Dunning, Ben Taylor, Richard Alexander, Andrew Scott.

NTP 4th Brad Glare.

NTP 18th Shane Rohrich.

NTP 21st Brian Filliponi.

Lucky Door Prize – a One Hour Voucher for Big Swing Golf was won by Les Payne.

Ladies Niners

February 24 - Winner: Rita Taylor, Runner Up: Lesley New, Best Putter: Rita Taylor. 

Congratulations Rita on your double win coming in with a net of 47 and 16 putts.  And super job Lesley on conquering your New Year’s resolution and shooting under 60 for a net of 48. 

That back-yard practice is really paying off!  

Howlong Golf

Men’s 18 hole Stableford – February 18.

A grade winner - R Reid 41.

A grade runner up - G Shannon 37.

B grade winner - T O’Halloran 38.

B grade runner up - J Wilson 38.

C grade winner - P Hayden 39.

C grade runner up - R Munro 37.

Place getters

P Hastings 37, R Laidlaw 37, I Bumbers 36, M Warburton (Thurgoona Gc) 36, W Delaney 36, D Stuart 36, R Murray 36, G Broad (Commercial Resort) 35, S Ridley 35, B Day 35, D Krause 35, G Male 35, M Walter 34, I Bain 34, D Goodman 34, A Clelland 34, P Smith 34, B Bengough 34, R Newman 34, J Akermanis 34, P Packham 34, D Horton 34, D Nemeth 34, B Blundell 33.

Ladies 18 hole Stableford – February 18.

Winner - M Ursu 36.

Runner up - K Lowe 35.

Place getters

M Austin 35.

Men’s Silvercolt’s results – February 20.

A grade winner - H Maxwell 39.

A grade runner up - R Reid 39.

A grade 3rd place - M Walter 38.

B grade winner - S Sang 39.

B grade runner up - R Jones 36.

B grade 3rd place - M Slattery 36.

C grade winner - G Bryant 40.

C grade runner up - I Schirmer 40.

C grade 3rd place - A Hutchings 36.

Place getters

G Shannon 38, J Mason 37, B Seaton 35, B Pearce 35, T Jelbart 35, A Locke 35, P Redhead 35, J Simpson 35, R Southern 35, B Bengough 35, G Hellmann 35, P Smith 35, N Yewers 34, P Walsh 34, J Kimber 34, A Panther 34, M Hibberson 34, A Geddis 34, P Kellow 34, T Larkins 33, J Wilson 33.