Ovens and Murray Pennant meet

By Corowa Free Press

On a perfect Sunday morning, while anglers from near and far were out on Lake Mulwala after cod, a small contingent of three Corowa Swimmers attended the fourth Ovens and Murray Pennant meet for the season at Yarrawonga Pool hosted by the Yarrawonga/Mulwala Swimming Club.

The Yarra/Mulwala meet is a favourite of Corowa swimmers as it comes up on the calendar just as the water is starting to warm up, and it often doesn’t have quite as many entries as some of the meets in the larger towns. 

That combined with the large pool grounds meant the newer swimmers can go along feeling a little less overwhelmed by the crowds.

This suited Corowa Swim Club’s younger swimmers perfectly. Jack Baker from the Howlong squad was competing in his first competitive meet, and after overcoming some initial nerves he took out two first positions in the freestyle and backstroke 50m events. 

For Jack’s sister Katelin this was her second Pennant. Three weeks earlier she defeated the same first-time nerves and placed in every event; bagging a first, two seconds and a third against a reasonably sized field of other 8 year old girls in Albury.

The eight year old girls were among the largest fields at Yarrawonga too but this didn’t deter Kaitlin from placing in two events with a mammoth ten second PB (and first place) in the 100 freestyle.

Club veteran Imogen Letchford continued to PB in all events, including her newest pursuit, the 400 Freestyle. 

It was somewhat testing for all swimmers given the low visibility of the milky water which made executing efficient turns a real challenge. Imogen placed in three of her four events with firsts in the 400 free and 50m breaststroke.

The next meet is the Yarrawonga/Mulwala Open meet on January 5.

The annual Corowa Pennant (held last season at Yarrawonga) has been deferred until next season (hopefully in our new pool!), making the GT Combined meet on January 19 at the Albury Pool the second-last Pennant for the season, followed by the Wodonga Pennant at Waves on February 2. 

All junior heats and championship meets will wrap the summer season up by early March.