Bowls results

By Corowa Free Press

Corowa Civic Bowls Club

Men’s Singles

The final of the Men’s Club Singles Championship between Ian Lewis and Col Hendren will be held on Sunday, 21 December at 9.30am.  

Come along and support Col and Ian and witness some great bowling.

Xmas “Not Hamper” Triples Day

The Xmas Triples Day is on this Sunday, 8 December, at 11.00am – 2 Games of 2 Bowls Triples x 10 Ends.  All members who aren’t playing bowls but would like to come to the luncheon are most welcome to attend. 

Please add your name on the sheet displayed in the tunnel. All members are asked to bring along either a salad or sweet, would you please indicate your preference on the sheet provided.

Club Mixed Pairs

The Club Mixed Pairs will be held on Sunday, 15 December at 9.30am.  

Please support this event and add your name to the list in the tunnel.  

Entries close on Saturday, 7 December.

Club members who attended our social dinner at the Newmarket Hotel last week had a lovely evening, many thanks to our sponsors the Smith Family.

Pennant results

Weekend Pennant – Round 7

Both A1 and B2 were home to Rutherglen and had wins in a very friendly match between the two clubs, A4 travelled to Wangaratta but weren’t as fortunate at the end of the day’s play.

A1 – Corowa Civic 91 def Rutherglen 86. Col Hendren drew 23-23, Peter Thelan lost 20-23, Tommy Webb won 28-19, Adrian Hill drew 21-21.

A4 – Corowa Civic 75 def by Wangaratta 103. Graeme McIntosh 22-13, Norm Carmody 13-38, Greg Leahy 23-27, Lynton Ford 17-25.

B2 – Corowa Civic 77 def Rutherglen 70. Peter King 32-22, Ray McNulty 17-27, Margaret Watson 24-17.

Midweek Pennant – Round 6 

This week’s pennant was a mixed bag; Civic found the cold windy conditions very hard to handle with only the A3s having a good win.

A1 – Corowa Civic 36 def by Yarrawonga 86. Ian Bilney 17-20, Col Hendren 11-33, Tommy Webb 8-33.

A3 – Corowa Civic 73 def Wangaratta 52. Bill Docherty 13-26, Graeme McIntosh 32-10, Geoff Smethurst 28-16. 

B2 – Corowa Civic 58 def by Kiewa 93. Steve Rodway 34-14, Doug Castles 11-38, Genise McFarlane 13-41.

Corowa Indoor Bowls

The Sunday winners with two wins of 19 and 15 were: Gwen Mills, Peter Dodds, and Terry Fletcher. The runners up on a win and a loss of 16 and 6 being:  Leonie Roksandic, Gloria McCluskey, and Peter Manning.

The winners on Tuesday with 9 and 17 were: Georgie Agnew, Peter Dodds, and Gwen Mills. 

The Runners up being: Beryl Greaves, Dianne Fletcher and Peter Manning on 5 and 17.

Corowa RSL Bowls Club

Corowa RSL Bowls Club have had another successful weekend of pennant bowls with both the A2s and A4s having comfortable wins at home and with the B2s just going down to YMGCR away.  

A2 – Corowa RSL 106 def Myrtleford 87 . Skip Scott Widdison, Sean McMahon, Hayden Brockley and Dom Carroll 31/16. Skip Ryan Davies, Ken Widdison, Kaz Hughes and Peter Browne 28/25. Skip Jordan Thornton, Ernie King, Alan Bartlett and Keith Mills 22/24. Skip Wayne Lee, Jim Walker, Razz Porter and Rod Garthwaite 25/12. This win keeps A2 first on the ladder.   

A4 – Corowa RSL 114 def Club Mulwala 75. Skip Peter Summerill, Alan Holmquest, Tony Coughlin and Ann Milkins had a good win, 40/13. Skip Barry Warburton, Alan Jones, Lex Thornton and Chris Reilly also had a good win 36/11.  Skip Ann Summerill, Peter Smith, Gordan Johnstone and Jeff Nixon lost 15/27.  Skip Lance Davis, David Lewis, Lynne Mills and Ray Bourke were unlucky with a 23/24 loss.  With three straight wins A4 have climbed to fifth on the ladder.  

B2 – Corowa RSL def 66/77. Skip Ted Hovard, Julie Holmquest, Jim Ward and Judy Black, lost 16/36. Skip Sam Nixon, Wendy Robb, Anne Smith and Robyn Fierenzi had a draw 19/19.  Skip Tony Fierenzi, Janet Davis, Rolly Nixon and Nev McPherson had a good win 31/22.  After Saturday’s results this places the B2s fourth on the ladder.

Men’s and L  adies Triples – Sunday, 1 December – Alan Holmquest, Razz Porter and Ernie King (skip), had a solid win over Dom Carroll, Lex Thornton and Ken Widdison (skip) 16/9.  

Ladies semi-final – Robyn Fierenzi, Lynne Mills and Janet Davis (Skip) who just got up on the last end over Julie Holmquest, Emily Manly and Kaz Hughes (Skip) 14/13.  

Team Davis will play Irene Biggs, Marie Jones and Laurie Way (Skip) in the final, with the men’s final also being played between team King (Skip) up against Ray Bourke, David Muir and Peter Smith (Skip). These 2 games are scheduled for Sunday 8 December at 9.30am.

To all members: don’t forget our Xmas Party is on Sunday, 8 December, $30 per head. 

If you are thinking about coming and haven’t yet put your names down, please do so ASAP.