Local gym opens doors

By Adrienne Hartnett

After almost 12 weeks of closure, Health Culture Fitness Centre (HCFC) have re-opened their doors to welcome keen gym-goers back into their facility.

Due to COVID-19 government regulations, all gyms were required to close their doors at the end of March.  

Owner and professional trainer Jamie Almond said it was a relief to be open again.

“It was quite exciting to get back up and running again. People were keen to get back into it. A lot of people didn’t realise how much they missed working out,” Jamie told The Free Press. 

During their closure, the gym offered free online classes and videos on their social media page to help people wanting to keep fit during isolation.

“We put up an online program two or three times a week. We didn’t charge for it. We included some home workouts and that sort of thing,” Jamie said.

“Quite a few people did comment on their mental health. Some people did suffer from not being able to keep their normal exercise routine.”

Jamie began HCFC in 2009 with former co-owner Darrell Spencer. The original gym was in Sanger Street before moving to the old Corowa Shire Council building in 2012.

The gym offers a variety of exercise programs, personal training, and group exercise classes. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the setup of the gym had to be re-arranged to allow for social distancing.

“We expanded our floor space. Previously we did group exercise classes upstairs, but I’ve moved all our group exercises to another site at the tennis club. That has enabled us to expand our floor space by about 50 percent, which allowed us to provide a bigger, more spacious facility,” Jamie said.  

For anyone keen to join the gym, HCFC offers individualised programs to suit client needs.

“Come down and have a look. We are quite happy to show people how we have catered to the new requirements. In terms of space, people have their own space they can work in. It’s not a crowded facility, and we have keyless access from 5am to 11pm,” Jamie said.