Corowa Market Report

By Corowa Free Press

Corowa’s Market on Monday saw similar overall numbers to last week and there were close to 16,300 lambs, most being new season lambs. 

There was a total 23,238 yarded which was a decrease of 692 from the previous week’s market.

Lambs were down 688 with sheep also down by 4.

The quality was very good with most of the lambs comprising of trade or heavy weights. 

Store and light lambs were in short supply. Old lambs were mostly heavy weights. All the usual buyers were active in a cheaper market.

New season trade lambs were $8 cheaper with the medium and heavy trade weights selling from $155 to $189/head, averaging 790c to 810c/kg cwt. 

Heavy new season lambs were $10 cheaper making from $172 to $218/head or 740c to 770c/kg cwt. Extra heavy new season

lambs sold from $210 to $235/head. 

Lambs to feed sold from $144 to $205/head.

Old trade lambs were steady with the trade weights selling to $176 and heavy weights making from $170 to $190 and extra heavy lambs reached $228/head. 

Hoggets sold to $210 and Merino hoggets made $184/head.

Mutton quality was very good and there were plenty of heavy sheep offered. Prices lifted up to $20 on the heavy weights while the medium weighted mutton was firm to $7/head dearer. 

Medium weight ewes sold from $124 to $154/head. Heavy crossbred ewes made from $145 to $222 and Merino ewes sold from $174 to $205/head. 

Most averaged from 600c to 650c/kg cwt.

Corowa Top Results

Mickan Bros Walla Walla 40 $235.00
RG & SH McGibbon Jindera 21 $233.20
JW & JA Dehennin Talgarno 19 $225.00
Helston Park Bethanga 100 $225.00
GL Pritchard Noms Jarvis Creek 66 $220.00
Paulire P/L Wirlinga 46 $220.00
W & J Clifton Lowesdale 67 $219.20

Colin Japp Bonegilla 14 $214.00
Joy Reid & Sons Tallangatta Valley 21 $212.60
M Monigatti Amakie 58 $190.00
Hehir Family Farm Tocumwal 12 $186.60
WA Hicks Lowesdale 21 $184.00

GA & SD Christie Springhurst 47 $183.20
HS & ML Muller Walla Walla 41 $175.00
BP & SL McLaurin Tabletop 75 $168.00
Avalands Past Co Walla Walla 52 $163.00

D & J Steinfort Tarnook 53 $222.20
BM & G O’Keefe Boorhaman 44 $215.00
Mickan Bros Walla Walla 41 $210.00
N & B Cheshire Springhurst 47 $210.00
B O’Connor Jindera 20 $210.00
D & J Underwood Coreen 25 $210.00

White Ag P/L Yarrawonga 35 $210.00
Alvernia F/T Bidgeemia 220 $205.20
Hermiston Ag Carnargo 56 $203.20