Cobram Primary School cross country

By Cobram Courier

Cobram Primary School students tackled the annual cross country event recently over 1 km, 2 km and 3 km distances.

Parents could not attend due to restrictions, but students still had plenty of fun - with special mention to Ethan Bovalina who beat his older brother Jordan in the 3 km race.

Age group champions

Six-year-old: Tyson Long (boys), Savanah Valente (girls).

Seven-year-old: Tyler McPherson, Malak Al-Ibraheem.

Eight-year-old: Muhammad Al Rubayi, Charlie Page.

Nine-year-old: Heath Coleman, Marlie Keath.

10-year-old: Tyler Holt, Lexie Young.

11-year-old: Cameron Sneddon, Grear Wylie.

12-year-old: Ethan Bovalina, Katara Keath.