Wealth of knowledge for kindy kids

By Liam Nash

The Bendigo Bank hosted children from two of Cobram’s kindergartens last week.

On Thursday and Friday, youngsters from Bluebird Preschool and Eilleen Taylor Kindergarten toured the bank to find out about how money was dealt with at the firm.

The children learnt about how the atm worked and where cash went once it was deposited, afterwards they were allowed to witness how the cash machine was operated.

After winding their way through the bank, the children were visited by the Bendigo Bank mascot Piggy, who was met with a reception of beaming smiles and high fives all round.

The Courier asked a few of the children what they would buy with a $1 million:

Elina, 5, from Bluebirds: “Blueberries and watermelons.”

Mason, 4, from Bluebirds: “A big ball to kick.”

Pippa, 4, from Bluebirds: “McDonalds.”

Scarlett, 5, from Eilleen Taylor: "I'd buy meat.”

Lewis, 5, from Eilleen Taylor: "Give it to the bank.”

Piper, 5, from Eilleen Taylor: "I'd give it to someone else.”