Cresswell crowned Benalla’s best Masters sports star

By Meg Saultry

It's not often you stumble into a sport later in life, then absolutely dominate in it at a world level.

But that’s exactly what Anne Cresswell has done with indoor rowing, smashing her own world records on the regular.

A fixture in Masters swimming for 15-years, Anne pivoted into indoor rowing as a form of cross training before exploding in the sport. She currently competes in the 80-plus division.

Anne said taking up new sports and interests after retirement gave her a fresh lease on life.

Named the 2020 Masters award winner, Anne said she was both thrilled and privileged to be the first to receive the honour.

She said people often confused indoor rowing as just another form of exercise.

“It is a sport you can go into later in life,” she said.

“I think the thing is, if you use the right technique, it can’t hurt the body at all. It’s not high impact.”

Anne has no intention of slowing down either, using the forced COVID-19 break to chip away at her own benchmark.

“I’ve still been training, and there are plenty of virtual challenges around the world. It keeps me motivated,” she said.

“Since lockdown, I’ve been concentrating on improving my times and have already broken two of
my own records.”

Smashing records: Anne has continued to break records during the COVID-19
lockdown, picking up a world sprints medal and the two new world records.

Anne is also busy preparing to compete at the State Championships and Pan Pacific Games later in the year.

“They’ve provided us with the opportunity to compete online when the time comes,” Anne said.

“Usually I have a 16-week build up. I find that better than going madly for a week.”

Anne wished to thank Darren Mozes, who ran the Health and Fitness Workshop in Carrier St, as well as Charmaine Bolte, who introduced Anne to stretching and safe core strength exercises in the early 2000s.

She thanked Phil Schultz, a great general- fitness instructor at the YMCA gym as well as Spot on Travel for sponsoring the award.