Saultry’s Score: Stepping back out into the world

By Meg Saultry

It’s safe to say resilience is the key to getting through 2020.

This year has thrown out one too many curveballs for my liking, and it seems like every week brings further crummy news to add to the flames.

Just when there was a little light at the end of the tunnel, the winter months continue to remain a dim fog, just like the haze encapsulating Benalla each and every morning on my walk to work.

The news of more cancelled sports seasons, the postponement of the Winton SuperSprints once again, and constant hum in the background indicating further restrictions across the state has quite literally put me in a state of slumber this year.

But I continually try to remind myself to look for positives this year, and what has been most helpful in enduring a year without my favourite pastime - except for St Kilda’s current fine form and my anticipation for the hopeful return of the WNBA later this month - is my own rejuvenated efforts getting back on the fitness train.

After putting on what I'm calling the COVID-19 five - where dessert is a must and portion sizes are plentiful - I’m only now emerging from the cozy confines of the couch and taking my first tentative steps out into the world.

Daily walks around Lake Benalla - which looks spectacular on a pleasant day - has done wonders for my mental health, and after losing that pesky first bit of winter weight, the incentive is there to keep going.

While I’m quite literally walking before I run, there is still plenty of idle time on the horizon this year and with it a chance to build up that strength and resilience that can carry us into 2021.

So here’s to the rest of 2020.

And whatever it throws at us.