Benalla Bowls wrap | Feb 17 to 23

By Benalla Ensign

Benalla Bowls Club

Indoor Bowls

Monday, February 17

BBC Indoor Social Bowls – 16 bowlers played 3 games of 8 ends of fours. Winners were W Billman (Skip), L Taylor, C Levy and J Aldridge with 3 wins and 14 shots up. Runners Up were D McIntyre (Skip), G Watt, D Gulbin and Jack Lemin with 2 wins and 2 shots up.

Outdoor Bowls

Tuesday, February 18 – Midweek Pennant Result

A1 Benalla vs YMGCR – Elimination Final - Benalla lost 58/71

Skips K Leask lost 21/25, W Armstrong lost 17/23 & S Warfe lost 20/23

A3 Benalla vs Wodonga – Elimination Final - Benalla lost 69/72

Skips B Rettke lost 24/27, L Lidgerwood lost 19/21 & G Broderick won 26/24

B1 Benalla vs Wodonga – Qualifying Final - Benalla lost 55/83

Skips M Tilbury won 22/18, D Tilbury lost 16/36 & R Bunting lost 17/29

Wednesday, February 19 – Corporate Bowls

Corporate Bowls continued at BBC on Wednesday nights. 31 people participated in this event. If anyone is interested please contact President Ian Hobson 0488 226 325.

Saturday, January 25 – Weekend Pennant Results

B1 Benal1a vs Tungamah – Preliminary Final - Benalla lost 61/76

Skips A Campbell lost 18/19, G Broderick lost 17/34 & D Brooker won 26/23

Saturday, February 22 – Social Bowls – 16 bowlers played 2 games of 12 ends 3 bowl pairs. Winners were J Dennis (skip) and M Binnie with 2 wins and 19 shots up. Runners Up were T Hill (skip), P McArdle with 2 wins and 7 shots up.

Sunday, February 23 - BBC Fundraiser

Thirty-nine bowlers attended the event and enjoyed a barbecue in slightly humid conditions before taking to the greens.

Ivan Lister and his wife Jenny attended and Ivan gave a talk before-hand to explain how he became involved with the Outreach program and what he does. He finished with a few jokes which were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Ivan and Jenny joined in with the bowls before having to leave. A Benalla Bowls Club spokesperson thanked them for attending.

“The Club very kindly provided some prizes for the bowlers as a memento of the event,” the spokesperson said.

Winners were R. Bezett, M. Tilbury and R. Sheppard with two wins and 22 shots up, the runners up were G. Lessing, I. Lister and B. Armstrong.

Best last game winners were W. Neylon and P. Taylor. A big thank you to Tim for cooking the BBQ, Lorna for helping with the food and several others for setting up etc.

Senior Citizens Bowls

Tuesday, February, 18

Winners: G. Sharp (skip), J. Holmes, R. Leadbetter

Runners up: G. Herman (skip), H. Sharp, F Caplehorn

Friday, February 19

Winners: R. Charlwood (skip), B. Ilsley, R. Leadbetter

Runners up: G. Sharp (skip), G. Green, M. Seiler

Saturday, February 22

Winners: D. Mitchell (skip), J. Quick, D. McNulty, P. Hay/L. Saunders

Runners up: R. Mullavey (skip), A. Jensen, M. Empey, R. Leadbetter