In the Archives | Benalla woman’s stolen purse lost and found again

By Benalla Ensign


Benalla’s Maryanne Quinlan received an exciting call from a rubbish collector recently, with the good news that her stolen purse had been found.

Ms Quinlan said “ruthless, opportunistic thieves” stole the purse from her parked car Thursday evening.

The Benalla beauty therapist said she had parked in a Thomas St driveway near a local takeaway shop and when she returned to her car minutes later her purse, which contained no cash but all her cards, had been stolen from the front passenger seat.

Ms Quinlan said she had not locked the car before collecting her takeaway food, because she knew she would have her hands full of pizza boxes, making it tricky to unlock the car.

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Saying she could not have even been two minutes inside the shop, Ms Quinlan said she was dreading replacing all her identification and personal cards.

Last week, Ms Quinlan received a call from “Trevor” at Cleanaway, reporting that someone had found her wallet at the Shepparton rubbish depot.

Ms Quinlan said thieves dumped her purse in a recycling bin - which was sorted into recycling and rubbish - with the discarded wallet subsequently found by Cleanaway staff.

Ms Quinlan said she was so happy to have her wallet returned with all her personal cards in it.

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“When Trevor rang me this morning, it was such a relief to hear his message on the phone,” she said.

“Thumbs up to you Trevor, for taking the time to find my phone number to give me the good news.”

Also in the Ensign this week in 2010:

● Data released by the Housing Minister showed waiting lists for public housing soared in the March 2010 quarter, with 145 families from Benalla waiting for general housing.

● Benalla East Primary School junior school council raised $700 through a mini fete.

● Benalla College sent seven students to walk the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea.

● Marj Jones of Benalla celebrated her 80th birthday with a surprise lunch.

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Benalla builder come aviculturist Tod Osborne has come a long way since he was given his first budgie when he was three years old and living in Mansfield.

Tod said that from that day on, birds have come to dominate his life.

When he came to Benalla at the age of nine, his feathered friends grew to include budgies, canaries, finches and racing pigeons from which he began breeding from.

The past 20 years has seen his menagerie of birds increase to include types of Australian parrots of all colours and sizes, some of which are of extreme rarity because of their unique colouring.

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Tod is one of 120 members of the Goulburn Valley Aviculturist Society and one of more than 3500 Statewide.

He is now the vice-president of the Australian Society as well as performing the role of liaison officer and importation officer.

With his own aviaries now containing more than 200 birds, it is no wonder that his birds have taken over from building as his major time consumer.

Tod Osborne

Tod said in the off season he would spend at least two hours a day with his birds, which increased to more than eight hours a day in the hectic breeding season from August onwards.

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Travel to all Australian states and overseas to attend and speak at conferences have become an important necessity to Tod in his quest for success in his chosen hobby/business.

Tod was a member of two of only five syndicates in Australia that have been allowed to import birds from England in the past four years ending a ban that was in place for more than 40 years.

The first shipment arrived in March 1993. A new shipment that is due to arrive in Australia shortly is to be the last as a new ban has been put in place and it is not known when birds will again be allowed in.

It is these imported birds that Tod has now concentrated on and his collection of exotic Tropical and South American birds is one of the best in Australia.

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Also in the Ensign this week in 1995:

● John Davis is named the new president of the Benalla Lions Club.

● Tom Greene is appointed the new principal of Benalla College.

● Benalla All Blacks defeated arch rivals Mansfield, 109-82.

● AFL footballers Shane Crawford and Jonathan Robran brought TAC’s "Learn and Live" message to Benalla.

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