Chapman to stand down at Crows in AFL

By AAP Newswire

Adelaide chairman Rob Chapman has set a deadline on his tenure, confirming he will stand down after the next AFL season.

He made public his plans after the Crows sacked football boss Brett Burton and assistant coach Scott Camporeale.

Burton and Camporeale are the major casualties of the external and internal football department reviews which Adelaide had commissioned after their disastrous 2018-19 seasons.

There was speculation two months ago that Chapman would leave the post next year and he has made that official.

Chapman has been a board member since 2007, becoming chairman two years later.

Adelaide's horrible run since losing the 2017 grand final had already resulted in coach Don Pyke leaving the club and Taylor Walker stepping down as captain.

The Crows will announce their new coach next week.

The external review was headed by Hawthorn great Jason Dunstall.

While there have been widespread changes at Adelaide in the past few weeks, the spotlight remains on key figures such as Chapman, chief executive Andrew Fagan and prominent board member Mark Ricciuto.

But the Dunstall review is understood to have endorsed much of what is happening at Adelaide and predicting the club can turn around their on-field fortunes quickly.

As a result of the review findings, Adelaide will create a new position in the football department, head of leadership and culture.