Euroa green thumb grows portable garden

By Shepparton News

With gardening gloves on and a trowel in hand, Euroa's Tara Whitsed stands at her potting station in the backyard of her modern home.

Although admitting she found her mother — proclaimed “gardening nerd” Diane Walton — “lame” when she would spend hours in the garden when Tara was younger, the 27-year-old said she now understood the obsession.

“Mum is a fanatical gardener; she got me started first — mostly with herbs. Now I’ve developed quite the collection of plants — both indoors and outdoors,” Miss Whitsed said.

What started as a desire to bring more vibrancy to her rental home has turned into a hobby for the young journalist, with cuttings lovingly cultivated in a number of pots.

Succulents are one of Tara Whitsed's favourite things to plant.

It was a DIY potting station, made by her partner Eddie Carracher from recycled wood pallets, that grew Miss Whitsed’s dedication to gardening.

The station now spends its days covered in dirt, plants, pots and pruning shears.

“The idea was to give me a place to pot up and it took a lot of the gardening stuff out of the garage. It’s been a good decoration piece and also just really practical,” she said.

Miss Whitsed said it was one of the first projects Mr Carracher had completed for the rental home, sourcing pallets to put it together and quickly knocking up the multi-purpose potting station.

Given his career as a builder, the materials were easy to pull together, and he used styles featured online to inspire its design.

A DIY potting stand made by Euroa's Eddie Carracher from timber pallets.

As a renter, Ms Whitsed said she had to be creative about her garden and find ways to build the garden she wanted.

“I rarely put my own plants in the ground,” she said.

“When we move I want to take them with me. Having them all in pots — it’s not that time-consuming to do and we can just take them with us.

“Succulents are my go-to. They’re just so easy and look really nice in a garden all potted up.”

Miss Whitsed said she had spent the past 12 months boosting her indoor plant collection as well.

“I’ve taken a real shine to indoor plants and have been steadily building up my collection,” she said.

“These are also really portable and I’ll be able to easily take them with me when we eventually leave the rental.”

Potted plants are the perfect addition to Tara Whitsed's rental garden.

Every element of the garden is easily movable, whether it be the pot plants, the herb garden or the newly made potting station.

Having now fallen in love with the simple act of gardening, Miss Whitsed has some simple advice for those who don’t have much space or time to dedicate to their garden.

“Just start,” she said.

“Once you start gardening, you’ll get a love for it and you’ll understand why people do it.”