Mulwala cruise to victory

By Yarrawonga Chronicle


Mulwala 1.6 7.9 11.17 17.23 125

Katandra 2.2 3.2 4.6, 5.6 36 

Goals: Mulwala: Dylan McNamara 4, Sean Johns 3, Tom Dow 2, Sean Robinson 2, Lachlan Davis 2, Lachlan Rouel 1, Harrison Crossley 1, Dylan Flanagan 1, Leigh Howroyd 1.

Katandra: Thomas Jeffery 2, Trent Herbert 1, Alexander Zinonos 1, Patrick Frappell 1.

Best: Mulwala: Damian Cook, Dylan Flanagan, Timothy Doyle, Lachlan Davis, Dylan McNamara, Glenn Dominick.

Katandra: Xavier Chalkley, Luke Minogue, Thomas Jeffery, Aaron Muntz, Ramadan Yze, Patrick Frappell

Mulwala have returned to the winners list after their disappointing loss to Tungamah in round 1, accounting for Katandra by 90 points.

Entering stoppage time in the second term it seemed like Groundhog Day as Mulwala were wasteful in front of goal and had 1 goal 7 on the board. 

The frustration amongst players and supporters was suffocating as Mulwala’s possession dominance failed to impact the scoreboard.

Mulwala, however, is led by a young man who is uncompromising in his attitude and in his 100th senior game he decided that enough was enough. 

As Captain Gash willed himself from one stoppage to another, he found a smother, a tackle and a piece of class that drove the ball into the forward fifty. 

His teammates followed and rid themselves of shackles to smash their opposition.

Sean Johns was everywhere and his pin point passes through the centre opened the game up. 

Lach Davis did his best Ash Froud impersonation and was a star at full forward.
Sean Robinson wound back the clock with a couple of long ranging goals whilst Adam Rouel, Tom Dow and Harry Crossley all had brilliant moments. 

Dow’s consecutive goals in the third quarter highlighted his elite kicking skills and helped push Mulwala well clear.

The barrage continued in the last with Dylan McNamara to show courage and composure whilst Hamish Hosking did as he pleased in the ruck. 

Down back, the defenders were led by Glenn Dominick and Tim Doyle with Damien Cook all class at half back. 

Mulwala will take on Congupna in the big Easter Friday clash this week with the weather forecast indicating it will be a beautiful day. 


Mulwala 6.8.44 defeated by Katandra 7.10.52

Mulwala has suffered its second loss for the season, going down by 8 points to Katandra. 

In an arm wrestle of a game, Mulwala failed to make the most of its chances and were ultimately out run by a Katandra team that owned the centre corridor. 

Looking to respond after last week’s loss, Mulwala kicked the first two goals of the game as Booga Russell controlled the middle.
Joe Bland’s left foot did the damage as he drove the ball forward. 

Inability to man up through the centre led to several easy goals for Katandra as Nathan Beasley and Jake Savy were forced to do the impossible. 

Both were superb, as was Wade Dennis whose ability to chase and tackle created several turn overs. 

Up forward, Isaac Bond and Cam Nye presented well and showed strong hands whilst Nick Gash was instrumental in his return kicking beautiful goals on both his left and right foot. 

Dylan Leadingham and Aaron Magher were both crucial around the ball and helped provide the pressure needed.

Zach Scott and Josh Ednie were amazing stepping up from the thirds, but their efforts were overshadowed by youngster Kane Fisher who dominated at half back. 

Jordan Cook and Beau Nixon were both super in the ruck and continually gave the midfielders first use with Liam Russel easily the best player on the ground.

Unfortunately for Mulwala, they once again faded late and ran out of legs. 

A fumble and turn over from Chris O’Neill at half forward was converted at the other end and for Mulwala that would prove the difference. 


Mulwala 17.14.116 defeated Katandra 3.3.21

Mulwala Thirds have once again smashed their opposition.

Total dominance from the first siren as the boys seemed hungry, focused and willing to work for each other. 

Liam Martin kicked a huge bag of goals and finished with 7 whilst Josh Ednie was everywhere and kicked 3 himself.
Equally impressive was the run of the Psaltiras boys and Sam Davis through the centre.


Mulwala 1.5.11 defeated by Katandra 7.12.54
Mul Fourths went down this week with the scoreboard not reflecting the competitive game.
Josh Eder was superb as was captain Dillion Kirchen whilst Tyler Jones kicked a beautiful goal.