Bears win in tight contest

By Yarrawonga Chronicle


Tungamah   3.4 10.5 11.6 15.9. 99

Barooga 3.3 5.7 12.9 13.11 89

Goals: Tungamah: Ashley Saunders 5, Bodhi Butts 3, Dylan Scott 2, Nicholas Irvine 1, Nick Lawless 1, James Irvine 1, Christopher Powell 1, Terence Jones 1.

Barooga: Tom McNeill 3, Logan Morey 2, Lachlan Wright 2, Zachery Brain 2, Christopher Patten 2, James Hazelman 1, Samuel Macheda 1.

Best: Tungamah: Christopher Powell, Bodhi Butts, Terence Jones, Thomas Irvine, James Irvine, Angus Ford.

Barooga: Zachery Brain, Lucas Olson, Ricky Thomson, Bradley Oats, Tom McNeill, James Hazelman.

The first quarter was an even battle with Barooga getting first use of the ball through the midfield and stoppages, but to Tungamah’s credit they found a way to get back into the contest. 

The second quarter the Bears kicked away to a 5 goal lead at the main break, due to continuing efforts of the back 6, mids playing tighter negating footy and the key forwards outplaying their direct opponent. 

The 3rd saw a lapse in concentration which saw Barooga be 2 goals up at 3 quarter time.

Also doesn’t help when a player gets yellow carded, so the Bears finished playing the quarter with 17 men with their backs against the wall. 

In the fourth quarter the challenge was in front of the Bears, for the first 12 minutes playing 1 man short Tungamah fought hard to stay within reach of Barooga.

From then on Tungamah got the upper hand, due to hard work from the entire group to win by 10 points. Best players: Powell, Butts, Thomson, J. Irvin, Scott and Ford.

Awards: Tungamah Hotel - Gus Ford, St James Hotel - Wally Thomson, Crusty Loaf - Dylan Scott, Yarrawonga Hotel Alex Riley.


Tungamah 5.7.37 def by Barooga 17.4.106 

After a good win last week the reserves came out full of confidence. 

The first quarter saw plenty of shots on goal by Tungamah but could not capitalise. 

Barooga on the other hand capatilised on the forward entries and kicked clear. 

From here on in it was catch up footy from Tungamah.  The back line was under the pump all day and this mainly came by Tungamah not manning up and being accountable. 

Some solid contributors for the day were Alex Ross, who played a good game and also in the ruck. It was good to see him back in the Bears colours. 

Ruban Butts again worked tirelessly and has been working into form keeping pressure on the senior blokes for a call up.  Joel Whinray again held his own in the back line. 

All in all the boys had a disappointing day but will regroup and look forward to Katandra. 

Awards: One Zach - Alex Ross, Yarrawonga Hotel - Ruban Butts, Crusty loaf - Shane Thomson, Mitch Pettit, Jesse Whinray, Shane Thomson.

Goals: Alan Richardson 2, Alexander Ross 1, Ruban Butts 1, Angus Heslin 1.

Best: Alexander Ross, Ruban Butts, Jesse Whinray, Mitchell Pettit, Angus Heslin, Shane Thomson.


Tungamah 3.5.23 def by Barooga 7.12.54

Goals: Jacob Vella 2, William Sharp 1.

Best: William Sharp, Ned Connell, Jacob Vella, Oscar Willis, Ben Griffin, Harvey Thomson.

No report submitted.


Tungamah 0.1.1 def by Barooga 15.8.98

The midfield worked hard in the 1st quarter against a strong Barooga team. 

Harvey and Brayden got lots of the ball. In the 2nd quarter the game got more physical and the intensity lifted. 

Jackson Raven did what the coaches asked shutting down his player, to earn him the best on ground award. The 4ths kept the pressure on in the last half with Jackson Purtell and Patrick doing some great defensive work. 

Tyler swapped to the ruck and did well winning some hit outs. 

Sam earned himself an award for his work in the midfield and defense. 

The 4ths mottos are RESPECT, DISCIPLINE and HAVE FUN and they have lived up to these at the start of the season.

Awards: Maccas - Judd Goldman, Subway - Sam Adkins, Yarra Golf Club- Jackson Raven, Crusty Loaf - Tyler True.

Best: Jaxon Raven, Tyler True, Sam Adkins, Jackson Purtell, Harvey Thomson.