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Liz Hurley’s vet bill paid after dog hit

By AAP Newswire

British actress Elizabeth Hurley has received a payout by Amazon after her dog was run over by a delivery driver, her sister says.

Two-year-old Labrador Hector is said to have suffered a collapsed lung and broken leg in the incident at Hurley's Herefordshire estate last December.

The 53-year-old's sister Katie Hurley told the Mail on Sunday the model was "absolutely devastated" at the time, and that the family feared their beloved pet would not pull through.

"The vet came and thankfully saved his life, which is miraculous," she said.

"We nearly lost him because of this man's appalling driving."

The family asked Amazon to pay the vet bills - reported to total PS2000 ($A3655) - but the firm initially refused, she added.

Amazon agreed to pay the bill "pretty quickly" after legal action was threatened, Katie Hurley said.