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Erika Christensen tells of emergency birth

By AAP Newswire

Parenthood actress Erika Christensen has revealed her husband delivered their newborn daughter at home because they did not call the doctor in time.

The US actress shared a photograph of herself cradling the baby, named Polly, while husband Cole Maness rests his head on her shoulder.

She wrote: "It happened! It happened this morning. And it will go down in family history because baby girl's own, incredible Dad delivered her all by himself.

"My fault entirely as I didnt know she would come so quickly and didn't call the doc until far too late. He came straight over and arrived about one minute after she joined us in the world. Haha! My Mom too.

"You should've seen their faces when they walked in to hear her little wail. Mom immediately took this picture. So epic. 9:21a (we think) at 7lbs 8oz (we think).

"Doc didn't have time to grab the baby scale in his rush. Meet Ms. Polly. She's chubby-cheeked and rosy and so beautiful."