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Shepparton sets scene for short film

By Madeleine Caccianiga

SAE Creative Media Institute students flocked to Shepparton at the weekend to film scenes for their final major project, Commander Sam.

Commander Sam is a short film about a single father who works a night construction job, and his seven-year-old daughter.

The film will include animation and live action scenes.

Film director Liam Fouracre said the team, including Shepparton local and director of photography Jordan Montgomery, chose to film in Shepparton because of the secluded country vibe.

‘‘We really wanted that secluded country vibe and a great vibe with the stars and no light pollution,’’ he said.

Mr Fouracre said the story was a spur-of-the-moment idea that was developed as a team.

‘‘He has no-one to look after his daughter while he is at work, so he brings her with him in his van which is decked out as a spaceship,’’ Mr Fouracre said.

The team spent Monday afternoon and late evening filming a dramatic van roll scene on Doyles Rd.

‘‘His daughter crawls into the front seat and knocks the gear shift and ends up rolling down the hill,’’ Mr Fouracre said.

Mr Fouracre said the scene would transform into an animation sequence of the girl flying through space.

‘‘The animation is a creative and new way to film through the eyes of a child’s imagination but it will be a challenge using animation and live action,’’ he said.

Earlier this year Mr Fouracre and Mr Montgomery worked together on the production of the short film Adoption Pending, which they entered into the St Kilda Film Festival.

‘‘The goal is to get it into a bunch more, and new, different film festivals with Commander Sam also,’’ Mr Fouracre said.

He said Commander Sam would run for eight minutes and had been in the making for 15 weeks, with more time yet to be spent on it.

‘‘Fifteen weeks ago we started preparing, script writing, drafting, getting all the crew and actors together, and then there will be the animation and editing.’’