Standing against bullying

By Madeleine Byron

Tatura’s Coffee+ was awash with blue on Friday, coming together to make a stand against bullying for the inaugural Do it for Dolly Day.

Amy ‘‘Dolly’’ Everett, 14, was a victim of relentless bullying that resulted in a young life lost to suicide.

In memory of Dolly, her parents Kate and Tick Everett and her sister Meg, launched the initiative Dolly’s Dream to help build support for people impacted by bullying.

Coffee+ owner Michelle Keen said she was asked by a friend to host the fundraiser.

‘‘I think we all know someone who has been bullied, if not been bullied ourselves and it brings me tears just to think that a child could come to that point in life where life is no longer worth living,’’ Ms Keen said.

As a mother herself, Ms Keen said she could only imagine what it would be like to lose a daughter.

‘‘She (Dolly) could be anyone’s sister, daughter, friend and the problem is people don’t know how their actions can affect people,’’ she said.

Wanting to raise awareness and to commemorate Dolly’s memory, Ms Keen said the town donated a number of items to include in the raffles and home-cooked treats were sold for the initiative.

‘‘All the money from today will go to the foundation, which then goes into school programs to tackle the impacts of bullying head on,’’ she said.

With thanks to the Tatura community, Coffee+ was able to deliver a cheque of $1610.40 to the initiative.