Climate change call to action

By Tatura Guardian

Are you keen to have your say on climate change and the environment?

If so we are keen to hear from you.

The Shepparton Statement is a call-to-action to the youth of Greater Shepparton to have input into an environmental statement designed to influence decisions and policy on climate change.

The aim of the statement is to inform leaders in the areas of environment (council, catchment management authority, state and federal government, world environment forums) of the opinions of the youth of Greater Shepparton with regard to what needs to change to better manage the environment.

The project is a call-to-action to youth to expound their views, aspirations and expectations on climate change and climate action.

The world’s leaders won’t live long enough to see the full effects of climate change.

The world they are leaving behind will be inherited by future generations — and this project will give them a voice to influence how that future will look.

Greater Shepparton City Council has provided the platform for young people from age 10 years to 25 years to have their say, but it will be the young people who will drive the content of the statement aimed at influencing environmental decisions.

Greater Shepparton City Council is the first Victorian council to adopt this kind of initiative.

Students, young professionals, young farmers, those not in school or work, and others motivated by the conversation about climate change will be involved in the development of the Shepparton Statement.

They can make their submission by writing down their thoughts, paint a picture, compose a song or music, or make a video to help send their message on the issue.

There are some inspirational videos on our website www.sheppartonstatement. to help you start your submission. A Facebook Page ‘‘Shepparton Statement’’ will be live sometime this week.

The project will culminate in August when a formal statement will be presented to all levels of government and beyond.

■Submissions can be made at