Young and old learn about bats

By Tatura Guardian

Nearly 200 locals have flocked to Tatura’s Cussen Park to learn about bats.

The Bats in our Neighbourhood event hosted by RiverConnect and Greater Shepparton City Council along with the Cussen Park Advisory Committee, had young and old learning new facts from a range of different guests who attended the night.

Greater Shepparton City Council’s environment manager Greg McKenzie said between a number of locals and some guests who travelled from Melbourne especially for the event, those in attendance were well educated through interactive sessions throughout the night.

‘‘The idea was to get people up here who knew what they were talking about and are experts in their field to educate the local community of the lifestyle of the bats and help them to know what are the myths around the microbats and what’s not,’’ Mr McKenzie said.

With additional children’s activities and pizza provided for all, Mr McKenzie said he was pleased to see everyone enjoying themselves and learning something new.

He said the night was topped off when attendees watched as hundreds of bats flew above to begin their night of feeding.

Mr McKenzie said the night proved to be popular among families and locals of the town and he wished to thank all those involved in making it happen.