Team takes pride in town

By Laura Briggs

The gloves were on and community members were out doing their best to keep Tatura tidy.

Thirteen locals gave up their Saturday morning to take part in Transition Tatura’s first of two roadside clean-ups for 2019.

Transition Tatura’s Ross Musolino said the group began the bi-annual clean-ups in 2012 as a way of keeping the town neat and taking pride in where they lived.

Having done their last clean-up on Dhurringile Rd between Midland Hwy and Ferguson Rd just six months ago, Mr Musolino said it was disappointing to see how much rubbish had accumulated in that short time.

‘‘Just today on this one stretch of road we’ve picked up about 400 cans and bottles,’’ Mr Musolino said.

He said although the cans and bottles were common, they came across all sorts of things.

‘‘We find some interesting things — today we found a whole roll of sandpaper, a full bag of dirty nappies, we found a book and a ‘bush pig’ number plate.’’

Mr Musolino said throughout the 12 previous clean-ups, 23 cubic metres of rubbish had been picked up with more than 10000 bottles and cans.

He said while it was disappointing to see the issue of littering was an ongoing problem, it was great to have the support and dedication of those who attended the clean-up.

Mr Musolino said he hoped more community members would get on board, so they could expand their clean-ups to cover additional areas including Ferguson Rd.