A whole new Place

By Tatura Guardian

Tatura looks set to formally have a central city street renamed ‘Memorial Place’ as of tonight.

At a meeting, Greater Shepparton City councillors will tonight decide whether to push forward with renaming Flanagan Place.

Officers have recommended that councillors approve the street being renamed Memorial Place.

Last month, councillors voted to put this change out for public notice, starting a public consultation process to rename the street, in line with Naming Rules for Places in Victoria 2016.

According to the officer’s report, the proposed name ‘Memorial Place’ was placed on public notice in the Tatura Guardian and no submissions were received.

The similarity of the two street names has in the past caused confusion.

According to background provided to councillors last month, the Council received a letter from the Tatura Senior Citizens requesting Flanagan Place be renamed.

The reasons given were that ‘‘Flanagan Drive is also located in Tatura and is creating confusion for emergency services,’’ according to the background report.

‘‘The Tatura Senior Citizens Club raised this issue with the Tatura Community Plan Committee, who fully support the name change,’’ it reads.

‘‘The club have also been in contact with the Flanagan family and they support the name change as Flanagan Dve and Flanagan Park still exist in the town.’’