Murchison’s rear asparagus plant

By Tatura Guardian

Murchison’s John Ferguson wasn’t joking when he told Tatura Guardian journalist Madeleine Caccianiga ‘‘You haven’t seen it all yet’’ in response to her comment ‘‘you need a bigger garden’’.

After John’s wife passed away seven years ago, he went looking for a hobby to keep his mind occupied, choosing gardening, which he now refers to as his therapy.

‘‘It was about 12 months after my wife passed and I had a small garden and then it started to get bigger and bigger,’’ he said.

Choosing succulents at random John picked what he thought would be a nice small plant to start his new love of gardening.

‘‘No way did I think it could have got that big,’’ he said.

As the years progressed, what has now been identified as a type of asparagus, Agave Americana has grown to 6m tall.

‘‘A woman said to me if that flowers you’ll lose it, and unfortunately that’s started happening, and I’ll miss it,’’ John said.

He said the agave stem would eventually break and fall to the ground, leaving behind nothing more than a memory.

John kept planting while keeping a careful eye on his special plant, including sculptures, rustic features and household structures, which cover more than a hectare of his property.

‘‘I could talk about my garden all day, there’s a lot to tell about the history pieces within my garden,’’ he said.

John agreed to keep the Tatura Guardian informed on the plant’s circle of life.