Boomerang Bags hit Tatura

By Madeleine Caccianiga

Boomerang Bags hit the streets of Tatura last Friday, taking over the town with their colourful fair and trendy upcycled fabric, to encourage people to forget about single-use plastic bags forever.

According to Australia’s National Retail Association, Australia has slashed its plastic bag habit by up to 80per cent within just three months.

For Tatura, the Boomerang Bag project has supported a big change in a small town.

‘‘Today’s a celebration of all the hard work the volunteers have been doing with Boomerang Bags; it’s about promoting the idea of a plastic-free town and giving the community a bag to take home,’’ group representative Leeane Button said.

Group founder Alena Ratcliffe said this is just the start of things to come for Tatura.

‘‘Boomerang Bags is a movement that a couple of Australian ladies started and it’s all across the world now, Tatura included,’’ Ms Radcliffe said.

ANRA has recorded a potential prevention of 1.5billion bags from entering the environment since the plastic bag ban from Coles and Woolworths throughout Australia in July.

‘‘When we first started making them (Boomerang Bags) my goal was to have one bag made for every resident in the town, then our bigger goal was to make 10000; at the moment we’ve made about 350 all up,’’ Ms Button said.

The group has met every Thursday to cut, sew, iron and patch each bag individually in preparation for Tatura’s plastic-free future.

A variety of bags are available around town including ‘Borrow and Bring Back’, ‘Bought to Support’ and a selection of Christmas bags to celebrate the season.

■If you would like to be part of the Tatura Boomerang Bag initiative, workshops will start up again next year on Thursdays at Tatura Community House, 12-16 Casey St, Tatura.

Donations of fabric and sewing materials are also encouraged.