Euroa’s Jett Trotter taking off

By Alex Mitchell

X-factor is hard to define, but declaring Euroa’s Jett Trotter has plenty of it is not a controversial statement.

The sparkling small forward has 22 goals in 13 games this season, already his best scoreboard output for a season still with plenty of games to play.

While a gifted goal-kicker that sends shivers down opposition defenders’ spines, Trotter seems on track to progress into the side’s engine room and become a zippy midfielder for years to come.

‘‘It’s always good to kick a couple and play all right, but I’d always prefer to see the team play well rather than me play well,’’ Trotter, 20, said.

‘‘I’m a small forward basically, but I’ve been playing a bit more midfield this year. Predominantly I’m forward and I just try and bring tackling pressure and try and hit the scoreboard.

‘‘In the midfield, it’s just about doing my job.’’

While Euroa missed finals last season and is fighting an uphill battle to break into the top six this campaign, Trotter saw plenty of promising young talent that could be the backbone of a premiership assault in the not-too-distant future.

He looked at last year’s premier as the perfect example of how a slow build can pay off quickly.

‘‘We are very young and with a lot of locals as well,’’ Trotter said.

‘‘Looking at the Shepparton Bears last year, they built their season all around young locals.

‘‘They struggled for a couple of years, but if you see that local talent, it doesn’t take much once you add in a few good players around them. You can really start to jell and play some good footy.’’

A Magpie since under-12s — like many of his teammates — Trotter said the group’s close bond made the club a special place.

‘‘We’re all one group of mates and we’re really close. Thirds, seconds, seniors, we all talk and get along,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s a good family club with the older blokes here, it makes a good environment.’’