Kuols score goals for Suns

By Liam Nash

Seldom does one experience such scenes of mayhem and pageantry in country sport; seemingly only when a Kuol graces the pitch.

Mother’s Day came a day early for one Shepparton mother, as Antonita Kuol’s four sons contributed 11 goals between them for the Goulburn Valley Suns across various age groups ranging from under-12s all the way up to senior level.

Prodigy Didi Kuol, 9, opened the scoring for the day in the under-12s, already demonstrating a freakish goal-scoring habit much like his older brothers.

Refusing to be outdone, Teng Kuol slammed home a hat-trick in the under-16s, while Garang Kuol remained hot on his heels with two of his own during the same match.

However, three did not suffice for Teng, as he went on to produce the winner for the Suns’ under-18 outfit in a massive victory against powerhouse South Melbourne.

But perhaps the best was saved for last.

Cue Alou Kuol, the oldest of the bunch and a bonafide threat in front of goal, stepped up to carry the Suns’ senior outfit to a 4-2 win against Werribee City, scoring all four on the night.

Each goal he put away was rightly celebrated by a deafening roar from the crowd, paired with a dumbfounded expression from the opposition manager.

GV Suns senior coach Craig Carley was in awe of teenage sensation Alou.

‘‘He was fantastic and it shows how much potential he’s got,’’ Carley said.

‘‘He’s scored four goals against one of the best sides in the league, they’d conceded nine goals for the season before the game, he’s scored almost half of that in one game.

‘‘I haven’t got the words to praise him highly enough.’’

Alou possesses a boisterous bravado far beyond his years and often has a gang of supporters screaming his name whenever he throws on an orange jersey.

Having cultivated a certain swagger in the way he plays, Alou has set the mould for his younger brothers to follow.

From the trademark bucket hat donned on the training ground, to the kind, joking nature of each, there is a certain unnameable quality about the Kuol boys that simply makes one smile.

A testament to their upbringing as a family, each sibling is filled to the brim with character and between them lies a great sense of camaraderie.

One could only imagine the scenes that occur in the Kuol household the night before a game.

Outlandish celebrations rehearsed — check. ‘‘Clapping’’ opponents on FIFA — check. Raw talent by the bucketload — check.