Shepparton News sports fantasy is here

By Shepparton News

There is certainly more than one way to develop an idea.

Sometimes — like with a premium cut of steak — all you need is a flash in the pan and it is ripe for digesting.

But many trains of thought require more of a slow cook — you have to turn the heat right down and simmer the meaty flesh of the idea until it deliciously falls off the bone.

Musings HQ — in collaboration with the award-winning mastermind behind Outside The Box Alex Mitchell — has been seasoning the following broth for months on end, and only now is it ready for the people of Shepparton to eagerly consume.

It is time to introduce Shepparton News Fantasy Sports — Cricket Shepparton Twenty20 edition.

The exciting debut of a local fantasy competition has been a long time in the making and, while it may seem like only a small step at this early stage, it could become a giant leap given time — and your enthusiastic participation.

Cricket Shepparton’s A-grade Twenty20 tournament provides the perfect platform for an initial foray into the space, allowing teething issues to come to light quickly across a short ‘‘season’’.

With three rounds of play before finals, the competition will give enough of a sample size to see exactly what the Shepparton News Fantasy Sports franchise will bring to the table across a plethora of sports and leagues.

But how does it all work?

Initially, Musings HQ and OTB will go head-to-head during the Twenty20 tournament, making changes every week and analysing the best performers from each round to showcase exactly how you should approach a local fantasy competition.

Reader participation is welcome — and indeed encouraged — and any teams sent in to [email protected] before the first ball is bowled each round will be considered in the running for Team of the Round honours.

Whichever contributed team compiles the highest round score will also snare itself a Shepparton News Mystery Pack at the end of the competition.

Scoring is simple in its essence, with one point per run, 20 for a wicket, 15 for a run-out or stumping and 10 for a catch.

Bonus points will also be awarded for economy rates (10 points for a rate per over of less than six and five between six and 8.99), half-centuries (15) and three-wicket hauls (15).

Squads of 15 will be selected, with four batsmen, two all-rounders, one wicketkeeper and four bowlers starting on the field and one of each on the bench as cover for non-scorers.

As with many fantasy competitions, a captain will be selected to score double points as well as a vice-captain in case the former does not score in the round.

Confused yet? We hope not, but if you have any questions feel free to email the team and we will do our best to iron out the kinks.

So without further ado, here is the inaugural teams for the dawn of a new era in GV sporting engagement.


Batsmen: Sam Kershaw (Shepparton United), Michael Archer (Tatura), Tim Kelly (Tatura), Joel Brett (Northerners), Felix Odell (Old Students).

All-rounders: Mitch Brett (Northerners), Mark Nolan (Nagambie), Jordan Cleeland (Waaia).

Wicketkeepers: Tyson Sidebottom (Northerners), Matt Martin (Nagambie).

Bowlers: Jackson McLay (Kyabram), Mitch Cleeland (Waaia), Tim Arnel (Numurkah), Ryan Sidebottom (Northerners), Charlie McLay (Kyabram).

Comments: Scorching weather presents a tricky start to the tournament, but it looks as if all of tomorrow night’s scheduled games have been moved to either Thursday or Friday night. It means players from Old Students, Nagambie, Numurkah, Waaia, Kyabram, Tatura, Shepparton United and Northerners will fill the first edition of the squad. There has been little word on prospective imports to the tournament, so proven performers are the way to go. Players in form litter Musings HQ’s squad — so much so the likes of Felix Odell, Jordan Cleeland, Matt Martin and Charlie McLay will start on the pine. Mitch Cleeland snares the first captain’s armband of the season, with Mark Nolan his deputy, while there is a real family feel to the overall team with two Cleelands, Bretts, McLays and Sidebottoms.


Batsmen: Cade Mueller (Kyabram), Felix Odell (Old Students), Shaun Downie (Numurkah), Joel Brett (Northerners), Mitch Brett (Northerners).

All-rounders: Liam Gledhill (Numurkah), Mark Nolan (Nagambie), Michael Archer (Tatura).

Wicketkeepers: Josh Robertson (Old Students), Mat Cornwall (Tatura).

Bowlers: Ryan Sidebottom (Northerners), Dwain Vidler (Shepparton United), Harley Taylor-Lloyd (Nagambie), Mitch Cleeland (Waaia), Michael Eckard (Tatura).

Comments: As you would expect, the OTB Owls are loaded with talent in all departments and features all the big name players Shepparton News Fantasy Sports T20 teams must have. Mark ‘‘Barney’’ Nolan is in a rich vein of form and captains our side, while Mitch Brett, Michael Archer, Mat Cornwall and Michael Eckard make up the bench. We see bulk points coming from vice-captain Liam Gledhill, while Harley Taylor-Lloyd strikes us as the sort of bloke who will launch sixes left, right and centre.